The Time Cure: Overcoming PTSD with the New Psychology of Time Perspective Therapy


Post-traumatic stress disorder affects as many as 25 million Americans. Whether the scars come from living through war combat, a natural disaster, a tragic accident, or childhood abuse, people with PTSD struggle daily; and often, traditional therapies don't work. The exciting new approach detailed in The Time Cure, rooted in Dr. Philip Zimbardo's Temporal Theory and developed by Dr. Richard and Rosemary Sword, helps PTSD sufferers stop living in the negatives of the past, look forward to a more positive future, and enjoy the present.




The most valuable resource we have is our time - when asked what their number-one wish would be, most people say they’d like more time to spend with family and friends. Yet most of us take our time for granted, spending it less wisely than we do our money. The Time Cure clearly explains the different ways our brains perceive time (including past positive, past negative; present hedonistic, present fatalistic; future positive, future negative), and how we can transform the way we think about time to attain greater success in work and in life.  

The Time Cure helps those suffering from PTSD understand time perspectives and assess their own, personal “time perspective profile” through a self-assessment quiz.  It helps readers shift the way they think about traumatic, Past Negative experiences, move away from a Present Fatalistic mindset, and focus more on a positive future. This approach is simple yet effective, and can be used by individuals seeking self-help, mental health therapists/counselors and spiritual counselors, and anybody who wants to move forward to a brighter future, or understand a loved one suffering from PTSD.